I was going to post something eloquent and lovely, but…I’m tired now.

So, long story short, moving forward, mrsjackkelly will be a strictly Newsies blog. I will have another, personal blog for all of my non-Newsies things, and through which I really intend to view tumblr.

That doesn’t mean I am abandoning the fandom- not even a little- but I decided I needed to compartmentalize my involvement with the fandom a bit. Partially to keep from eventually pissing everyone off.

If I followed you and you were not a newsies person in my tumblr life, or we communicated about more than just newsies (including my writing buddies!) you may see a blog just randomly follow you. That’ll be me. And if you don’t, but think I just missed you (totally possible! I went through my follow list very quickly!) or want to continue to view my non-newsies related posts, please shoot me a line here and I’ll give you an add! I’ll still get the asks, and check them, clearly <3

And, if anything, shoot me an email. battymoocow@gmail.com That is, of course, an open invitation- you can always email me. About anything.

I love y’all. And I’m not going anywhere. <3

Anonymous asked:

I really really love how you're so inclusive and wonderful and sweet and omg I'm sorry you're really nice bye

<3!!! Don’t be sorry, sweetling! It makes me really happy to be able to reach out to so many people, who are so wonderfully unique, who all have little things that they see, or feel about things that I love that they can share with me. That is the absolute best part of -fandom-. Not the nonsense about shipping, not the contests for popularity, or the my-meta-is-better-than-your-meta silliness- Fandom is about a thousand little voices, singing their own little songs and having it come together into this wondrous chorus praising something everyone shares. Without those little voices, when those voices are silenced, or brushed aside, that’s when fandoms fall apart.

I think, more than anything else, and I’m probably going to touch on this a bit more in a post I’m going to work on in a little bit, the thing that I want the most for the fandom is for every single voice to be heard, and respected, and supported.

I used to have a framed picture of Spot Conlon on my bedside table. Thinking about newsies and NYC and my OCs used to make my tumny knot up, the soundtrack never failed to make me grin. I used to write fanfic in notebooks, and read it out loud to my friends over the phone, sometimes o  payphones, in public. Newsies used to be something that felt like it was mine, something that was safe and warm, something I could hide in. I never used to have to worry about anyone else’s opinions about my stories and ideas because my friends loved them, and no one else cared or said anything to us about them.

i really hate that the fandom makes me sad, and makes me feel like I can’t express my ideas because they don’t fall in line with what the majority considers fanon. I hate that the creation of original characters is considered shameful, that fic with OCs is dismissed as unreadable with alarming frequency. I really hate that new fans, fans like I was once, walk into this toxic swirl of movie vs. musical wank, outright prejudice against original content, and are strong armed into a narrow view of what some people think the fandom should be.

I wish I could give the new fans the joy I used to feel, the freedom to wildly create, the power to see this world I still love however they want to without anyone telling them there’s only one right way to interpret these characters. But then I remember, I’m just one person, standing in the path of the oncoming flood, and the small, fledging, rekindled hope in my heart gets smothered.

Anonymous asked:

Considering the fact that I associate you with newsies, striking, and being motherly I'm going to say "the most dangerous woman in America" Mother Jones cause both of you are bad-arse ladies who know how to speak up for what you believe in while taking care of other people anime an all around A++ person

<3! Aww! That’s awesome, Nonny! :D

*hugs!* Thank you!